Sequencing Chart

What is a sequencing chart?

I wanted to discuss something that is just about guaranteed to help with behaviors surrounding transitions. The sequence chart . Sequencing charts provide a concrete symbol for your child to see what is happening in his/her day.

The theory behind the chart is very simple. When we know what to expect to in our daily routine we are less anxious about our day. I know I become anxious if I’m not sure what is happening next in my day . I wake up with a sort of plan in my mind of how the day will unfold . This helps me get through tasks that I don’t particularly love because I know the undesired task will pass and a desired activity is on the horizon. Children on and off the spectrum crave routine, structure and predictability.

Set Up the Chart

To set up a sequence chart you can purchase one like the picture below from amazon or another site, or you can make one yourself easily enough.All you will need is oak tag , Velcro and pictures of daily activities . Narrow the activities town to like the top 5-10 ( start small ) . Hang up the chart in a place easily accessible to your child and let the magic begin.

Model how to use the chart . For example the first activity is breakfast.  Have your child check the chart using the same language each time . “ Terry let’s check your chart “ go over with your child and use hand over hand promoting if necessary. “ Oh look Terry it’s breakfast “ and have your child take the breakfast picture down and bring it over to the table. Repeat for each activity . It will help greatly reduce transition issues and unwanted behaviors . You are giving your child a voice in their activities!

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