Sensory Regulating Activities

Calming and organizing the following easy to set up activities help to regulate your child and will often keep them busy for a solid hour. Warning .. things could get a little messy but your child’s sensory system will thank you .

Rice table

Place plain rice in a water table or large Tupperware container with a table cloth underneath for easy clean up.

Bean table

(Same premise as rice just a different texture ) for added fun I add cups , spoons , letters /numbers etc to the mix . Remember at this age we are working on global concepts most of the time . This is an easy way to get fine motor, cognition and social emotional skills targeted if you play along or invite a peer .

Water table

Play dough


Shaving cream

Corn starch and water


Use an empty water bottle and fill it with rice ( for added fun use food coloring to make the rice come alive )

Make water/oil and food coloring color globes

All of these activities help regulate little sensory systems and are great ways to spend time with your child !

Just don’t fear the mess

Blessings Jen