Sensory Meltdowns

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Oh my! You are in the grocery store and your child asks for a candy bar. You say no . The next scene is the child on the floor having a full on tantrum . You leave the cart full of groceries and do the walk of shame out of the store carrying your 30 pound 3 year old who is squirming so much you can barely hang on ...

We have all been here . Is the tantrum really because the child just can’t have the candy bar? Or is there more to the story.

What's Really Going On?

Kids don’t want to make bad choices but sometimes environmental factors play a role. Are they tired , hungry , is it too loud , too bright, etc ? These can all play a role in a sensory meltdown . All kids have them. However ,when your child is exhibiting sensory seeking behaviors on a daily basis and having tantrums associated with having his/her senses  overloaded on a daily basis, it may be time to discuss this with your Pediatrician.

These sensory meltdowns are scary for the child and often times they cannot bring themselves back from a meltdown with out comfort from someone they trust . Offer support to your child maybe hugs , songs , going to a quiet area of the house . Whatever you do speak with a calm , loving tone and reassure the child that everything is ok . Once the child has settled down you can discuss in short concise sentences how and why .

This is when an (occupational therapist) OT versed in sensory processing can make a world of difference . They can help you find the cause of the frequent meltdowns and strategies to help your child. You can contact your pediatrician for a referral .

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Remember we are all in this together.