Sensory Bottles for Dreaded Situations

Sensory Bottles

Everyone knows that they dread certain things in life...why do we dread those things? Probably because our brain has associated these events with a negative experience.


Think about it, dentist, loud noises, spiders or whatever it may be that impacts you negatively, take a moment and think about why.  Most probably you have had one or more unpleasant experiences with that stimulus.

In order to change our feelings we must have positive experiences with the stimulus and require the way our brain views them.  How do we change that loop?  Especially with children that have anxiety and sensory issues.  We try to reestablish this connection but putting positive stimuli into a seemingly negative situation for a child. 

Example: Doorbell Anxiety

For example, I have client who gets so upset when the doorbell rings. He seems to be upset by the noise and by the fact that strangers arrive when this happens and mom usually goes out.  We are trying to put in place sensory bottles so when the doorbell rings he gets to hold a special sensory bottle. The hope is that he will learn to associate the doorbell with a positive experience. We may have to try other positive stimuli to accomplish our goal but this is the idea.  I’ll keep you posted.