Self-Stimulating Behaviors

Hello All!

Self-Stimulatory behaviors, we all have them .. Do you chew on the top of your pencils.  Wring your hands, tap your fingers, bounce your feet? These are all examples of self-stimulating behaviors.  We find a lot of these behaviors in children in the autism spectrum. Most times I advise families to let the behaviors go, they may be mildly irritating to family members but it is important to realize Self-Stimulatory behaviors serve a outlet that is almost always associated with sensory regulation.  It is the child’s attempt to calm/soothe themselves.

When is it time to intervene?

However, there is a time when we need to modify these behaviors. I always ask these questions to pinpoint whether it is time to intervene.

Is this behavior interfering with my child’s life? Is the behavior impending his/her learning or that if others? Is the behavior making it nearly impossible to participate in the community? If you answer yes to any of these then it is time to look at modifying these behaviors. In my next video/blog I will discuss the process of modifying unwanted Stimulatory behaviors. Blessings,