Processing Time

Hurry up make a choice . Do you want to go outside or do you want to watch a movie?


I find myself doing this many times during the day . Asking my clients and my own kiddos to make choices . Choices are a very important part of language and cognitive development . Kids begging to find that their language is power when they make a choice and then they get what they asked for .

However , if you’d like me you get impatient and want an answer immediately. This is where we have to remember processing time!

What is Processing Time?

Processing time without interruption allows the child to fully focus on the choice in a manner that is non threatening . This processing time gives the child time to process their answer and retrieve the language to do so.

What Do I Do?

A good rule of thumb is to count to 20 , in your head after you ask the question . One Mississippi , two Mississippi etc . If the child still doesn’t respond, ask the question again and use the actual objects or pictures of the choices.