Bridging the Gap Between Diagnosis and Meaningful Therapy

Special Needs Ally provides families with a road map, helping them navigate the challenges associated with Autism, developmental delays and processing disorders. It is our goal to provide the highest standard of therapeutic resources to meet your child's needs.


We believe that when you have high expectations for your child and develop a loving and trusting relationship with them, the real magic happens.  When you build a loving and caring environment for them, you have the ability to transform a child.

About Me

Hi!  I am Jennifer Zimmerman, founder of Special Needs Ally. I am happy that you are here and look forward to working with you and your family.  

I have extensive experience working with families just like yours.  I hold  degrees in Special Education, Multicultural Education, as well Elementary and Early Childhood education.  I have also completed post graduate work in Special Education Therapies.

What Do We Do?

We specialize in helping children and families with development delays/specific diagnosis/ challenging behaviors identify meaningful therapy options.  We help families recognize when they may need to pursue evaluation and provide a road map to navigate issues.  Then we provide a road map to navigate the issues. Then we provide and educational and behaviorist plan tailored to each child's needs.

We provide numerous videos, blogs, live sessions, chat and resources that are geared toward the most successful topics in Jenn's private therapy practice.  We aim to be a place you can come to find answers and connect with other parents who may have similar needs. 

Most Important Thing in Therapy

Our Motivation

Jen has a thriving local private therapy practice and has to say "no" to too many families, because time does not allow her to help all those in need. The thought occurred to hire another therapist but local clients have said time and again that "they want her".  

Thus, the idea of an online community was born to bring her talent to those who want another voice, struggle to afford quality care or simply find it difficult to locate quality therapy.

The idea is unique in that provides not only information, but also the opportunity to have a conversation.  The mission is to provide an avenue to all children/families to have an advocate/therapist at an affordable price right at their fingertips.


“She is the first person I call when we have a student who has developmental challenges outside of the expertise of our teachers.  Each time, she has successfully identified the student's needs, met with their parents, and advocated for them by providing professional feedback, making recommendations for necessary services, and then guiding parents to find the best possible solution to their child's challenges.”


"Jen was more than a teacher for Lewis. She was an advocate for getting him into a preschool program with Fulton County. She attended meetings and shared her reports with the team. Her love for Lewis shone brightly throughout the entire process. It meant the world to me that she took time from her schedule to advocate for our family."


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Jenn will also be offering a live group session each week.

Blogs and Resources

Jenn shares her experiences along with resources that she uses in her practice and with her own kids.